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When designing clean rooms, much attention is paid to the floor, which must have a tightness, homogeneity of the structure, do not emit pollution, have a wear-resistant surface and provide for convenient installation. SanBela specializes in production of clean rooms and its components. The production is carried out in accordance with cleanliness class and existing standards. We offer floors with conductive, antibacterial and antistatic characteristics.


This type of coating provides optimal floor characteristics in clean rooms.  Production is done by pressing homogeneous mass of PVC under high pressure, and there are no welded seams. The advantage of anti-static PVC is its exceptional homogeneity, eliminating rapid abrasion, and the ease of antibacterial treatment. In addition, this type of coating has a conductivity, ensuring removal of static voltage.

The floor covering is integrated with enclosing structures of clean rooms, junction of  connection with  partitions and facing is made with a special rounding profile.

RAISED FLOOR consists of:

  • Plates (panels) of standard size 600х600 mm, a blind or perforated version made of die-cast aluminum or steel;
  • Steel adjustable supports (racks);
  • Steel reinforcements (stringer) necessary to maintain the load-bearing characteristics of the raised floor at a height of more than 300 mm and increased loads;
  • Auxiliary accessories – polyethylene gasket, wedges, etc .
Panel materialDie-cast High-Strength Aluminum Alloy
Coating materialconductive vinyl
Conductivity10 4 ~10 6  Ω    
Anti-static5 x 10 6 ~5 x 10 8 Ω
Perforation17% – 50%
Distributed load500 kg/m 2  – 2000 kg/m 2
Deflection < 1.0 mm
Concentrated load250 kg/6.45 cm 2  – 2200 kg/6.45 cm 2
Deflection < 2.0 mm
Max. load500 kg/6.45 cm 2  – 4400 kg/6.45 cm 2

With the help of adjustable supports and stringers, raised floor is fixed above the main floor, forming a free underground space. The advantage of this system is the possibility of supplying hidden engineering communications without restrictions, and perforation ensures the laminar air flow.

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