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To increase the standardization of elements used in construction of cleanroom, SANBELA ceiling panels are made identical to wall panels with special suspension system. Dimensions:

  • Height HMAX =  4000 mm;
  • Width BMAX =  1200 mm;
  • Thickness d1 = 50 mm; d2 = 60 mm; d3 = 75 mm; d4 = 100 m


  • Galvanized steel S = 0. 5 ~ 1.0 mm
  • Polymer coating, min. thickness 25 microns, color RAL 9002

Panel’s filler:

  • mineral wool, perlite, polyurethane, honeycomb aluminum foil, honeycomb corrugated cardboard


Suspended ceilings for clean rooms are divided into:

  • Light cassete ceiling (without additional loading).
  • Walkable panel ceiling (design to bear person weight loading).


Standard dimensions of the ceiling cassette: 600х600 mm

The weight of the cassette is from 3.5 kg / m2

Cassette ceiling can be perforated. The diameter of the perforations is 2 – 3 mm, the distance between the holes is 10 mm.

The light weight of the cassette ceiling does not create a load on the suspension system, therefore it is possible to use economy-class suspension systems for installation.

Perforated cassette ceiling is ideal for rooms with forced ventilation system


Main purpose of walkable ceiling is a creation of a serviced suspended ceiling with load up to 150 kg / sq. m.

  • Used in cleanrooms with high purity classes (ISO 3, ISO 4, ISO5, ISO 6) ;
  • Raster of the ceiling: 1200 x 1200 mm, 1200 x 2400 mm;
  • The carrying structure of the ceiling is made of aluminum profiles;
  • Allows installing a large number of filters, light or FFU;
  • Standard execution – metal self-supporting sandwich panels:
  • The front surface of the panel is a sheet of metal 0.8 mm, galvanized);
  • The back side of the panel is metal sheet 0,8 mm, galvanized
  • Filling – mineral wool;
  • FFU are installed in the ceiling raster;
  • The specific mass of the ceiling is 20-25 kg / m2;
  • The permitted load is 65-120 kg / m2.


SanBela has been engaged in the construction and design of clean rooms for a long time. The price of ceiling construction for clean rooms varies depending on the total room area, type of ceiling and cassettes, the availability of utility networks in the ceiling area. To purchase a ceiling structure as part of a complex of clean rooms, please send inquiry to email address or fill in feedback form.

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